Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction

Both Mr Kelly and Mr O`Sullivan specialise in this procedure. Breast reconstruction can be immediate (on the same day as the mastectomy) or it can be delayed (after the mastectomy and subsequent therapy).


Breast reconstruction can be performed in different ways using silicone implants and tissue expanders and also using parts of your body alone and in combination with implants.

There are many factors that can influence your choice of reconstruction and some procedures will be more apprpriate for some.

If you are considering breast reconstruction, we would recommend you to arrange a consultation to discuss the breast reconstruction methods most suited to you and the pros and cons of each procedure.

 Head and Neck reconstruction

Surgery to eradicate tumours of the Head and neck can be quite destructive.

Mr O Sullivan works with Mr G O`Leary (an ENT surgeon at The South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital and The Bon Secours Hospital) to reconstruct such patients. They often perform this surgery in the Cork University Hospital.

This type of reconstructive surgery greatly improves ones quality of life.

 Lower Limb trauma

Skin defects following trauma to the legs often require reconstructive surgery. The skin has to be reconstructed to allow the underlying bones to heal without infection.

This surgery is carried out in co-operation with the Orthopaedic Surgeons at The Cork University Hospital